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As part of Stability Grace Endurance: Hand Crafted in Early Barossa exhibition currently on display at the Barossa Regional Gallery you are invited to delve into the story of Bertha Lange with local Barossa historian and enthusiast, Luke Rothe.

When German settlers embarked across the seas to make the Barossa their home, they carried with them in their trunks more than items alone. Woven into each object is a story of love, culture, heritage, and craftsmanship which has unfolded and endured to this day.

Luke will walk us through the fascinating tale of young Bertha and her travel to Australia from Silesia, Prussia in 1867.

Unfurling from her humble possessions, learn more about the wardrobe which travelled across the seas, its contents and how Luke came to uncover the treasures of Bertha’s family and the legacy of story-telling these objects leave behind.

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