When German settlers embarked across the seas to make the Barossa their home, they carried with them in their trunks more than items alone. Woven into each object is a story of love, culture, heritage, and craftsmanship which has unfolded and endured to this day. Explore pottery, furniture, textiles, and crafts from early the ninteenth-century Barossa and more.

The Barossa Regional Gallery, together with the Barossa Council, is proud to present new exhibition Stability, Grace, Endurance: Hand Crafted in Early Barossa as part of SA History Festival 2024.

This powerful exhibition, in collaboration with the Barossa Museum and a number of Barossa locals, experts and collectors will feature loaned pottery, furniture, lacework and textiles, decorative arts and more in April and during History Month in May of this year.  These will be displayed together with the work of present-day artists Sera Waters and Illona Glastonbury working in distinctive media who have drawn inspiration directly from early Barossa crafted objects and stories.

A starting point on a journey of discovery, visit the Barossa Regional Gallery to delve into local culture and heritage, drawing a fascinating collection of artefacts, images and archival stories to share, trigger memories and spark conversation.

This fascinating collection of hand-crafted artefacts, images and stories highlight the Barossa region’s enduring connection to european heritage, a culture and legacy defined by stability and grace which reaches out to the present day to with powerful stories worthy of our curiosity.

Series of Events to be announced soon.


6 December 2023 - 5 February 2024

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