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Umami’s ambient music is a unique blend of soaring vocals and throat singing supported by synthesised percussion and rolling bass. The group came together for Biome – Connected by Art to provide a soundscape for artist networking and outdoor movement performance. Umami continues to explore and develop their singular sound and musical presence.

Umami is a word originally from Japanese meaning a rich and savoury flavour. Umami gains strength with age, as in cheese and wine.

Umami the band was formed to provide a musical soundscape during a long lunch outdoors with performers, movement, visual art and sculpture in the Barossa Valley of South Australia on 25 March 2023. Biome – Connected By Art was an event to showcase art in a world-class tourist destination more widely known for food and wine. Umami currently consists of Ron Vanderzwan on electronic percussion (he calls his round Roland synth the Hot Plate), John Brennand on vocalisations (including but not limited to throat singing), Nicki Morgan vocals and Chris Fox on 5-string bass. All compositions are original.

Adelaide Fringe: 16 Feb - 17 Mar 2024

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