The Barossa Regional Gallery’s exhibition Stability, Grace, Endurance: Hand Crafted in Early Barossa features a starting point on a journey of curiosity and discovery, delving into local culture and heritage, drawing from a fascinating collection of artefacts, images and archival stories to share, trigger memories and spark conversation.

Many cupboards, dressers and other cabinetry created in the early Barossa years have on the top which appears frequently. It became the equivalent of a logo – a distinctive design that identified the maker. Locals began to refer to it as a Schnurrbart (or “schnurrie” as used by later generations) which is the German word for moustache.

This exhibition has multiple examples of a “schnurrie”. Note how each one is different.

Throughout History Month in May 2024, the Barossa Regional Gallery is extending the Schnurrie hunt throughout Tanunda. Stay tuned for more information as the Schnurries appear in May!